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I just saw your response to my post re: Swing pump for sale. If you're not in need of a used swing pump...and it grosses you out...then the post wasn't directed to you and there really was no need to respond...however, there might be someone out there that could really benefit from this.  It's practically I just thought I would throw it out there, that's all.

Not everyone can afford a brand new pump and the pump itself has ZERO contact with any body parts or milk. (You're probably aware of this) I just think your post was out of line and unnecessary.

No big deal...I just didn't understand your need to be somewhat rude.


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    OMG if it was no big deal then why the tirade? Chillax!
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    Seriously...I can't get more "Chillaxed" over here.  Not tirading either...I don't even know how to tirade.

    I just figured I'd add my two cents to go along with her two cents.

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    When I saw the original post this morning, I thought the exact same thing before Jar responded. It's just a fact. If you can't afford new, that's fine but an open system that is used and from someone you don't know.... would be my last option. I'd pick a manual single pump over a used open system.
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    IMO it was not rude but saving someone who is not informed about pump sanitation. If you were you would not be trying to sell a used open system to someone. There are closed pumps that are sanitary for multiple users such as the Lansinoh for $119 on and used for mush less.

    Pratically new = used. If your milk ever came in contact with it, IT IS USED. It is like being pregnant you are or you aren't.

     It is disgusting I just though I would throw THAT out there. If it were not a big deal you would not have wasted the bump populations time with the space it took to write this.

    I am more aware than you know, I have owned 3 pumps and had 2 rentals (Lansinoh, Medela, Ameda and 2 rental Ameda elites)

    Read up so you know the risk you are putting some unsuspecting new mom in.
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    You're so defensive! Sheesh...I have no issues with your opinion, your entitled...I would agree with you on certain levels. I just didn't get why you felt the need to comment the way you did. It's one thing if you want to inform're initial response didn't do that and I thought it was uncalled for. I'm also entitled to an opinion.

    I do however, find it slightly amusing that you feel so strongly against a used pump...yet have rented multiple pumps...used by who knows how many other women. Just sayin...

    I will stop wasting the "bump" population's time and space now... darn public message board!


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    Never said you were not entitled to an opinion. Nor was it implied.

    I think you are reading way more into any of my posts than is necessary.

    Rental pumps are CLOSED systems designed for multiple users...I gave you a link to educate yorself on the difference between open and closed systems. I find it amusing that you don't understand the basic hygenic difference between an open system (Medelas) and a closed system (hospital rentals, Amedas and Lansinoh) "Just sayin"

    Please read about the difference between the two. 

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