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Baby Acne :(

Ugh, I know there isn't anything we can do put his poor precious face is totally broken out. He is a screamer and it is 100x worse when he yells. Any ideas? He is a spitter-upper and I try to keep his face clean but everything I've read said just to use water and to wipe just a few times per day.

Re: Baby Acne :(

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    thats all our pedi said too was to just wash her face with warm water during bathtime, and avoid soaps :(

    Some folks's pedi perscribe medicine or suggest the 1% hydrocortizone or what not.

    our DD also has cradle cap.  Figures i had basically the perfect pregnancy, so she gets all the baby stuff lol

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    I know it looks awful, but it will clear up. I looked back on some of DD'd pics when she was sxi weeks old and she looks like a teenager with all that acne. It clear up pretty fast.
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    it goes away! ?DS had it from weeks 2-6 and then it just went away; we did nothing different.
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