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Two eggs, but only one gets fertilized?

I came across a discussion about the possibility of having two eggs during ovulation, and having only one fertilized. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this. If so, what happens to the unfertilized egg? Would you have what seems to be a normal period and still be pregnant?

Re: Two eggs, but only one gets fertilized?

  • I'm sure it could happen..I dont' know about statistics or anything.  I would assume the unfertilized egg would come out of your  I don't think you'd have a normal period because your period is actually the lining shedding when a fertilized egg does not implant.  But if the 1st egg was fertilized and implanted correctly, you shouldn't have a normal period.

    This is all just me guessing what would happen. 

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  • Menstruation is triggered by falling progesterone levels.  I'm pretty sure, since the one implanting egg would stimulate progesterone production, that you would have no period and the other egg would just deteriorate and you wouldn't even notice.
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  • I think the egg would just get absorbed by the body somehow.
  • Definitely possible. Women on fertility meds release mutiple eggs  - usually 2-3 unless it's an IVF cycle and they try for more (NOT to put them all back like the crazy octuplet woman). I've released ~3 eggs the last three cycles but I really don't think all 3 fertilized this time (since not a single one ever did in the past) but we won't know until the first u/s in a few weeks. I'm not sure what exactly happens to the eggs that were released but didn't fertilize.
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  • It's definitely possible to release more than one egg and to have only one fertilized.  But, you wouldn't have a normal period.  The unfertilized egg would just be reabsorbed.  Your period is triggered by falling progesterone which sheds the uterine lining.  If the lining were shed, the implanted fertilized egg would also be shed  = miscarriage.
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