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haha, DH tried to dress DD...

He gave it a valiant effort...but she has a pink & white plaid onesie with pink pants...and then he put on a brown and pink polka dot dress on over it?

Oh yeah, and she has two differnt socks on.

Nice try, DH.

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Re: haha, DH tried to dress DD...

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    My DH is staying home with DD, he got laid off.  He asked me to get more sleep and play all in one outfits so he does not make fahion mistakes!
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    Dh hasn't had to make those decisions just yet- I guess I've swept in every time he tries... guess I'll have to ease up some time.
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    DH won't dress DS unless I give him something. We got home this evening and I asked him to change DH out of his outfit into a sleeper. He said he'd do it, but stated defensively 'I don't know what to put on him'. Hmmm, he has two drawers full of footed sleepers, I think any one of them will do. Yep, I ended up picking one out for him.
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