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A heavenly sight...

DH is laying in bed taking a nap and DS is sleeping on his chest. This is heavenly for many reasons:

- First, it's just amazing seeing my husband with his son. I LOVE it.

- Second, DH is scheduled for back surgery next week and has barely been able to hold DS because of the pain, so this little bonding time is extra special.

- Even though DS sleeps really well in his PNP & crib, he LOVES sleeping on our chest. I love to snuggle him, but feel like I can't get anything done, so it makes me happy that he gets a snuggle nap and I can update our blog, make chili for dinner, do some laundry AND nest while he sleeps! Woo Hoo!?

Son #1: 12.27.08 (6 years)
Son #2: 02.06.12 (2.5 yrs)
Baby #3 due: 02.10.15 (It's a girl!)
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Re: A heavenly sight...

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