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We went to go see He's not into you this afternoon- with Paul O'Neill!!! LOL, well not really but he was in the same theater seeing the same movie as we did! I didnt say anything to DH that I had seen him in the theater. After the movie I asked him if he saw Paul O'Neill and he was like- yeah. ?Paul O'Neill held the door for us too- haha, it was cool! ?Dh was a little I guess seeing a chick flick with me wasnt too bad afterall :)

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    I'm jealous you got your DH to go to a chick flick, lol. ?We always see action movies.
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    I'm jealous that you saw Paul O'Neill! I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on the movie.
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    This is funny to me b/c Paul O'Neill goes to my church and I knew his oldest son pretty well when I was working with the youth at church.  My brother and parents have actually gone to New York with the family back when he was still a player.  They are a really great family. 
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