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Giraffes and Pantaloons...random I know

Ok - 1 comment and 1 question (actually, this will probably be 2 questions).

My friend told me about a teether - Sophie the Giraffe - that's supposed to be amazing and her daughter really likes it.  The thing is, it's like $22 or something?  Anyone else have or heard of this?  Can it really be worth that much?

Also, does anyone know where to buy the little colored "panties" - or whatever you'd call them? that you put on over a diaper?  I have a few of the cutest tights - and longish shirts, but the shirt will pull up I know and I want something to cover her diaper thu the tights.  That didn't make much sense, but hopefully you get the jist!


Re: Giraffes and Pantaloons...random I know

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