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Crying in frustration!

I've posted how the past 2 nights, DS has slept HORRIBLE. He hasn't napped well at all during the day the past couple days. He normally naps 2-3 hours a couple times a day. He will only nap on me but I'm fine with that right now if it will help him sleep better at night so he was on my chest and I cleared my throat and he jumped and woke up! Wide awake... he slept for about 20 min and now he's awake again. DH calls and I'm just frustrated and tell him how DS isn't sleeping well and as usual, he tells me to take DS over to my SILs house to let her watch him so I can rest.

Ughhh... he always tries to put DS off on her. It's not about me needing rest, I'm fine... I just want him to rest in hopes of getting a good nights sleep.

Re: Crying in frustration!

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    Go get The Baby Sleep Book by Dr. Sears.

    It was a HUGE help to us.

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    Take a couple deep breathes... have you bought the lavender bedtime bath stuff from Johnsons?? Its awesome and helps calm him down. If you can why don't you and ds take a nice bath together and just chill in the water and then maybe he'll be calm enough and tired enough to take a nice nap.
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