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REALLY LATE birth story

ok well i was on this site with most of you women religiously for 9 months. I have been very busy with my new DD and never got her birth stary posted.

So here it goes!

I was put in the hospital from NOV 26-Dec 1st for high blood pressure. On Dec. 1st my doctor said I was now 38 weeks and we were gonna plan an induction for the next day(Dec 2nd). So the next day rolls around and I am nervous nelly!! Lets just say the 30 min drive to the hospital was way too quick. So anywho, I get there and they put my in a room and prep me and at 8 am they finally start the pitocin. At 8:30 I have my first contraction I guess, as i wasn't feeling them yet. The nurse tells me to roll to my right side for her as the babies heartbeat drop a little. well at 8:45 I have another one i guess cause the nurse tell me not to move, wakes my hubby who is asleep in the chair (he thought it might be a long day, so he was resting while he had the chance)and runs outta the room. When she returns she has another nurse, and she checks the monitor and says page the doctor stat. My doctor comes flying in the room, looks at the monitor and says I have to have an emergency c-section and that I was going right now. so I have a nurse who is running around getting everything ready, the drug lady comes in and i sign a bunch of papers, and I am off. At 9:54 am Chaysie Isabelle came into this world. She weighed 4 lbs 8 oz and was 18 inches long. My doctor told me as he was sewing me up that she had marconium in there and that she needed to come out ASAP. She scored high on the APgar and was just small for her age. We went to recovery and she nursed like a champ. They then took me to my room, and the peds nurse called the doctor as Chaysie wasn't acting right. They rechecked her and found that her blood sugars were very low. She was taken quickly to the NICU where she sayed for 2 weeks. It was a very scary thing, but the nurses called me every two hours to feed, I had to do the upkeep on the feeding tube, and other heart monitors. I on the other hand was feeling great, i jumped right outta bed later that night and have been on the go ever since. I have to say a c-section delivery was a breeze for me. We are now home, and she continues to gain weight. She now weighs 8 lbs and is 21 1/2 inches long. She is my joy!

So there it is, sorry it is so late!! I will try and post a pic of her today.

Re: REALLY LATE birth story

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    That is wonderful that she is growing so well. DS blood sugars dropped to, but not so bad to be wisked away.. just had to have formula in the hospital. Can't wait to see the pics.
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