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How do you stay sane?  My life feels so chaotic right now.  I feel like I can't even breathe sometimes - I am running on no sleep, my toddler is regressing, ahhhhhhhh.

Tell me it gets better and that I will get into a routine soon.  Any advice is appreciated.

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    My sister has a 2.5 year old and a now 8 week old. She put her 2.5yo in preschool 2 mornings a week for just a little bit of a break from him and so they could get some sort of a schedule going. He just started this week, but before that she was about to snap. I don't know if this is helpful at all. But I know it can be done, it's got to get better!
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    Your toddler is at a tough age.  I thought 15-18 months was the most difficult so far and then once she had a vocabulary explosion it got alot easier.  She is learning how to talk back and throw a good tantrum now which is hard, but overall, it's still easier than it was during those months.  Your baby will sleep longer soon enough too.  We are pretty much settled here and I am already thinking of when #3 will be in the plans.
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    DD is older than yours, but there was definitely an adjustment period. Just make sure the older one gets some alone time with you and don't immediately drop what you're doing with him when the baby starts crying.  I will get better!
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    IT GETS BETTER! Honestly! I have a 2yr old and 5 month old and at first I thought I made the biggest mistake ever having them so close together. Now that we are in the swing of things, it's much better! Just breathe!
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    Give it a good month. DD is older than yours but it still took a couple  weeks. I do special things w/ DD like errands, taking her to the movies, letting her pick out special treats when we grocery shop. It gets better!!

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    I am waiting for it to get better and I am 7 weeks in...C is getting into the full blown terrible twos, she had a tantrum for 3 full hours tonight. THREE FULL started over pants and noodles...yeah you heard me.
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