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Sleeping ?

My LOis 11 wks old and will be starting daycare next week.  She still has a significant startle reflex, meaning everytime I put her down to sleep, she wakes herself up once her little arms twitch.  As long as she's swaddled, she'll sleep through it.  However, just learned that the daycare won't swaddle due to SIDS risk.  Any suggestions on how to teach her to sleep without the swaddle?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Sleeping ?

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    The NICU taught us to swaddle with DD's hands up near her face.  They said babies like to touch themselves and it will help them to learn to self soothe.  We did this and even now, we'll see her (on the monitor) stroking her head or her face.  She sttn but if she wakes up, she'll almost always put herself back to sleep this way.  Maybe if she learns to self soothe, she'll be able to sleep without the swaddle and if she's woken up, she can put herself back to sleep.  DD didn't last in the swaddle very long but the touching thing did help.

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