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Lap Time?

Does anyone know of a library in Cincy where they have lap time (a baby story time at the library?)  I found one in KY, but am looking for something closer (we live in Kenwood).


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    Looks like Cincinnati Public Libraries have a baby time.  Your DD might be a little bit young but I don't think they'd mind.

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    Thanks!!  I just found one at the Pleasant Ridge library that's the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m.  I want to try it out!  I called and they said it's for birth and that'll be perfect.  She said the 2nd and 4th Tuesday they have toddler storytime, but you can bring babies as well.

    I love reading to her, but this will be nice to get out and do it at the library!

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    I just looked this up online last night and I'm planning on taking DS next month.
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    I work on Tuesdays, so once the weather warms up my dad's going to walk Maggie to the P Ridge library for baby time. I talked to the librarian and I guess they get a pretty good crowd there.
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    Thanks so much for posting this!  I definitely want to take Ethan :)
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    I took DS when he was really little.  He seemed to like it.  Most of the kids were older and into the stories, songs, and toys, but he enjoyed just watching everything.  Now his nap interferes with lap time, but I'm thinking we may try going again soon.  Have fun!
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