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Our DD slept for 11 1/2 hours straight last night!  DH and I are shocked!


Anyone's DC ever pull that long of a stretch?  I am assuming that she would have woken up if she needed anything.


Here's to hoping that we get the same thing tonight! ;)

Re: Aw.....STTN!!!

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    Good luck.  I'm very jealous!!
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    Congrats!  DD started about that time going 10-11 hours at a time.  It's continued the last few weeks, so hopefully it will for you too.  Enjoy your sleep!
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    Yay!  That's awesome!

    DS slept 11 hours last week---out-of-the-blue!  His long stretches of sleep at night are usually 5-8 hours. Although last night he was up every 4 hours.

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    I am sooooo jealous!  DD has NEVER slept that long!  We still get up at least once in the middle of the night!!
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