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pumping problem

I BF and use a Medela swing (try to at least) about 2x a day to have extra bottles on hand if necessary. Seems I can pump about an ounce or 2 then nothing else. What am I doing wrong? I would like to have extra bottles handy for when DH feeds or we go somewhere and now I feel trapped!

Re: pumping problem

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    Judging from your ticker your baby isn't very old.  For the first few weeks up to a month or so a couple ounces is very normal.  That's because your baby can't drink more than that at once so there is no reason for your body to make more.  As your LO gets older and drinks more at a time you'll be able to pump more.  I've found the best time to pump is in the morning after the first feeding.  I have the most milk then.
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