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Oatmeal for the first solid?

Did you feed oatmeal for their LOs first solid? 

Did your LO get constipated?

Is rice better nutritionally then oatmeal?

I am planning on starting with oatmeal because I've heard that it has less chance to create constipation.  I'm just curious to hear other situations.

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Re: Oatmeal for the first solid?

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    We started with rice...and he got constipated.  I have yet to try oatmeal...
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    we started with rice b/c that is what the pedi recommended; we introduced oatmeal about three weeks ago, and rice we tried around 5 mos.  both caused constipation.  we are now onto oatmeal only because he likes it a lot better than rice.  my understanding of why pedis rec. rice over oatmeal is that it is easier to digest and rarely triggers allergic reactions.

    i am pretty sure that of the two, oatmeal is better nutritionally (fiber).  if you buy them boxed for baby, both have vitamins added.

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    we skip rice cereals and started with oatmeal, but my dd is constipated so we are switching to barley.
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    With my older daughter, we started with oatmeal since every other baby I know got constipated when they started with rice. So, we started with oatmeal and it worked out well. Now she is 2 1/2 and eats anything and everything including lots of fruits and veggies!

    ?I will skip rice again and start with oatmeal with my 3 month old when she starts eating solids.?

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