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BF-ing moms & night time sleeping question

So...during the night time my LO does not really wake up. I have to wake her up to eat and have been doing so every 3 hours. I am nervous to just let her sleep and let me know when she is hungry.

Will this effect my supply if I go longer than 3 hours?

Advice is great appreciated :)

Re: BF-ing moms & night time sleeping question

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    I would wake her up at this point. I'm now able to go all night w/o feeding and my supply hasn't gone down, but I would think in the very beginning you should feed or pump every 3 hours
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    My OB/GYN and the pedi told me (while we were still at the hospital) that you should not let a newborn go longer than 5 hours without eating.  So if your DD is sleeping, let her sleep for 4.5-5 hours.  It will help her get used to getting most of her calories during the daytime, and hopefully will help her sleep through the night (or at least not wake up as often).  Your supply will regulate to provide DD with more milk during the day, and less at night. 


    My DS has woken up only once-twice during the night since he was born, which is nice, because it means I usually get a 4-5 hour chunk of sleep, and then another 2-3 hour chunk of sleep.  And my supply regulates itself to give him less at night (which is good because it means I will not feel too engorged if he sleeps a bit longer), and then more in the AM, when he likes to eat every 2 hours.


    Good luck, and congratulations on the new little baby!

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    She's still new and sleepy.  Within the next week or so, she'll get the hang of it.  Until then I'd wake her up, but if she's a good weight, (like over 8#) I might let her go every 4 hours instead of 3. 
    DS #1 5.5.07 DS #2 12.3.08 DD 5.21.11
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    I think at your LO's age, it's important to get them to eat every 2-3 hours, but maybe check with your pediatrician (since each baby is different...some might be able to go longer than others depending upon weight gain, etc.).  So, sounds like you are doing the right thing by waking her up (although, yes, it's a killer on you, I'm sure!).

    I personally don't know if it would affect your supply at this point or not...I would think it wouldn't.  During those first 6 weeks or so, I think it's hard to say...your body will start regulating the milk production much better after that first 6 weeks.  I found THAT was when my supply started becoming affected by going longer at certain times (for example, if my DD was sleeping through the night for a week, I'd regulate so I wasn't producing that much at night, and then when she'd start waking up again, it took a few days but my night supply would build back up).


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    As long as she eats at least 8 times a day its not bad to let her sleep 4 hours at night.  Don't let her go longer then that though. 
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    Our doc said to wake to feed until they have surpassed their birth weight.
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