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How can you encourage rolling?

I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this.  My girls have rolled over in the past (front to back and back to front) but now they have no desire to do it.  We do belly time and they push to their sides/arch their backs but just don't roll over.  Now they are trying to sit up on their own but I feel like they are skipping a step here. 

Any suggestions on how I can encourage more rolling or should I just not worry?

Re: How can you encourage rolling?

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    I just read something the other day about how girls do things when they want to in an order that doesn't quite make sense, where as boys are very analytical.

    It's kind of like, your girls have mastered rolling, but now they're trying to work on mastering a new skill. So once they've figured sitting out, they might go back to rolling.

    I wouldn't worry about it, as long as you know that they *can* do it.

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    Mine kind of did that too. She learned how to roll but then because she hated being on her belly would never do it. She then focused more on sitting and now she'll get tired of sitting and lunge forward to her belly and start rolling around with her toys. I would wait and see if they reintroduce it to themselves and in the meantime play with them by making them roll!
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    I agree with PP. Rolling isn't a hugely important skill (not like sitting up), as long as you know that they can definitely do it and have done so in the past. I also think it's a great sign that they're now working on sitting up. I would take that as an indicator that they're developing as they should be.
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