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New baby feeding question

Hi everyone. ?I have a 12 day old baby and I am formula feeding. ?He does alot of sleeping and I am just wondering if he gets to the 3-4 hour mark without feeding, should I wake him up to feed him or just wait until he's ready? ?Also, at this point, how many oz's were you giving your baby and how often/many times a day? ?Can you tell I'm a nervous new mom? ?TIA

Re: New baby feeding question

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    I BF'd when my DS was that young so I can't help you with amounts but I would say you should wake your LO to eat after no more than 4 hours - that's what we were told by the pedi.
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    Not sure about the oz because I EBF, but our pedi had us on an every 3 hour feeding schedule until our daughter regained the weight she lost after she was born.  Once she got back to her birth weight, we were allowed to let her feed on demand but they told us no longer than 4-5 hours between.  I think in the beginning, they are supposed to eat at least 8 times a day.  GL!
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    I feed Jackson formula 3-4 oz every 3 hours.  I also pump about 3oz. (for 2 feedings per day) and give it to him.  If he's sleeping more than 3 hours I wake him to eat.  But at night my Ped. says not to wake him.  However he wakes up when he's hungry at night.  Hope this helps.  I'm a new mom also..still learning.
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