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Pedi said he didn't believe in teething

I am still trying to figure out what he means!?

Re: Pedi said he didn't believe in teething

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    I'd ask him/her what he means...
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    yeah so either he

    1) doesn't believe the "symptoms"  are caused by growing teeth


    2) he doesn't believe babies grow teeth.


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    ummm...what? LOL. What was your response?
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    Maybe he means that teething isn't as common as people make it to be?  It see a lot of posts about people's babies teething early and I thought the same with my DS.  Turns out, his reflux was bothering him and the putting everything in his mouth was just common at that age.

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    Bwhahaha mrse! yeah he prob doesn't believe in teeth. I thought it was so odd, I mean they get teeth so why would he not believe they might go through some sort of "process" or discomfort?


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    For 2 weeksl DS has been very grumpy, fist in his mouth, drooling constantly - guess what a tooth appeared!! Tell your pedi that....
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    As someone who's wisdom teeth occasionally decide to poke through a bit more (and did last week),  I can assure you teething is real and it does hurt!
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