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who sets bedtime

you or baby? and if it's you, what age did you start doing that? I keep seeing posts about a routine before bedtime... but when do babies typically start getting on a routine that is predictable like that, to know what time to start the bedtime rituals?
carrie ~ me-at-carrie.cc ~ 4/21/2007
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Re: who sets bedtime

  • DS starting setting his own bedtime at about 4.5 months. Before that, I would try to put him to bed when it was getting late. But, let's face it, DS was setting his bedtime then too. He slept when he wanted to.
  • I kind of watched DS's natural schedule and set it up around that. He is now starting to phase out his morning nap. We do a bath, lotion rub down, and book before bed. Then I lay him in the crib and 5 out of 7 nights he goes straight to sleep. The other I pat his booty
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