So, I was lurking on 2nd Tri and found this post

which is about this craigslist post her DH sent her;

Are you guys offended?  I wasn't offended.  While the writer started out b!tching about pregnant women, he went on to b!tch about  the parenting he is seeing and people taking advantage.  I guess I wasn't offended because I worked up until my due date, and tried my damnedest not to use it as an excuse.  I also don't use her as an excuse to miss excessive time from work.  I've worked with people who have done all of those things and I know how irritating it is.  

I guess I just see him as someone who has been on the short end of the stick to someone who is taking advantage of the situation and it sucks to be that person.  

Re: So, I was lurking on 2nd Tri and found this post

  • I find it obnoxious and would honestly be pissed if my DH sent that to me when I was would send a message to me that he was not excited to be PG and had no appreciation that I was carrying his child - just not something to send your PG, hormonal wife.
    Jen - Mom to two December 12 babies Nathaniel 12/12/06 and Addison 12/12/08
  • I definitely think her husband didn't take into account the audience when he sent it to the OP, but I think some of the responses that they would leave their husbands are going overboard.
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  • I wasn't offended but think he comes off as very bitter and ignorant. As a supervisor of a call center, I've seen my fair share of pg women taking advantage of the system. I don't let it jade me though, and this guy definitely has some built up anger. Let him be pg for a day and see if he feels the same way.
  • Regardless of whether or not he was joking. I would be so hurt if my DH wrote something like that. It's something that I don't know if I could forget.

  • That CL post is filed under "best of craigslist" but I think that author just ends up sounding crazy. 

    I didn't read what the 2nd tri girls thought of a husband sending that post to his wife but I wouldn't want to read any spew like that normally, let alone from my husband who thought it was funny.  It's not.  It's overwrought and hysterical. 

    No one likes to wait in line or be inconvenienced by anyone but his examples and how they relate to mother/child experiences make me think he was constantly ignored or never hugged when he was small. 

  • Um. ?Yeah, that's offensive. ?Whoever wrote it sounds bitter and ignorant. ?

    It doesn't sound like he hates kids; it sounds like he hates women. ??

  • My marriage would be done. That is horrible.
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