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Rainforest Play yard recall

They have been recalled. I called FP a few times to complain that one side of ours kept collapsing for no reason and that the mobile just stopped working. But they said I would have to cut out the sides and mail it to them and wait 4-6 weeks for a check to go buy a new play yard. I never did it because I was too lazy. I wish the recall meant you could just bring it back to BRU and get a new one then and there. I do have the box.

Re: Rainforest Play yard recall

  • Someone said they took theirs back to where they bought it. I need to mail in my panels too.?
  • I think that if it is actually recalled the store should accept them. I can't not have a play yard for weeks! Plus, I don't know if I can really take it back anyway I feel so attached to it. Silly if it is dangerous but still.

    What a piece of crap Simplicity was.

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