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Does jarred baby food contain BPA?

I've actually found that it's cheaper for me to feed the baby organic jarred baby food than to feed him organic homemade baby food.  There's a great sale (especially coupled with my manufacturer's coupons) on Earth's Best at BRU, so I just wanted to be sure that I want to go the jarred food route before I make the purchase.  I'm just afraid that it has BPA...  Anyone know?

Re: Does jarred baby food contain BPA?

  • Food doesn't actually contain BPA, it's plastics that food would be packaged or heated in that contain BPA (which would then leech into the food). Since Earth's Best uses glass jars, you should be fine.
  • Glass is BPA free.  However, I do believe that the lids have BPA. Could be wrong, though. I just don't scrape the food off the lid and call it a day.

  • Well, I'm concerned about the lining of the lids.  Canned baby formula (the ready-to-eat kind) contains MORE BPA than the powdered kind.  Both kinds of formula has BPA, even the powdered formula - even though the cans aren't plastic.  I know this is a picky question, but I'm betting that there IS BPA in the jarred baby foods' lids.  Does anyone know for sure?
  • Yes, the lids do have BPA, according to Google. Like I said, I don't scrape the food off. There's only so much you can do. I have failed at making baby food. I console myself with the fact that at least the food is organic.

    Edit: I also don't warm the food up and wouldn't do it with the lid on regardless, so I'm not worried.

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