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Finished antibiotics last Friday from her sinus infection.  She was great Saturday.  Started getting a fever on Sunday.  Went to the ER Monday night for the febrile seizure and high fever.  Cranky all week.  And then today.... all day and all night cough.  LOVELY.  She didn't take a single nap at all today.  And she went to bed at 9:30pm, 2 1/2 hours later than normal.  Her pediatrician said we can give her Robitussin DM (1/2 tsp) but it isn't doing crap for her at all.  We have baby vicks on her and the humidifier going.  But she isn't congested and isn't snotty at all.  Just this annoying cough! No fever either.  I feel so bad for her because she's coughing every 5 minutes and waking herself up. 

But he said there isn't anything he can do for her until she's had it 2 weeks and/or she starts having green snot. 

Re: Figures.

  • Oh, gosh! The seizures would be scary. Poor little thing :( I hope she's feeling better soon and that you're getting a bit of sleep!
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  • Oh, poor boo and poor you! A deep cough sucks at any age. Dd had a cough like that a few weeks ago. The only way she got any sleep was laying on top of me, while I was propped up slightly. Of course, I didn't get much sleep like that


    there is nothing quite as lovely as green snot?

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  • eco, that's how she slept on me a few nights this week!  But I don't get any sleep that way lol.

    I just took some melatonin because DF says he'll get up with her tonight and I can sleep in in the morning. 

    I never thought I'd actually want to see green snot but it sucks when you know that's the only way they'll get relief finally.

  • can you call your pedi and ask about delsym. That stuff is a lifesaver!!
  • Poor Emma! I hope she can catch a break soon and start feeling well!

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  • imagemrscolleton2b:
    can you call your pedi and ask about delsym. That stuff is a lifesaver!!

    What is it? Much different than Robitussin?


    She ended up falling asleep with no coughing around midnight.  And slept until 8:30am.

  • try some honey for the cough...1/2 tsp..buckwheat honey is best
  • hope she's feeling better.  poor love bug!
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