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throwing up vrs spitting up?

ok, i know that all babies spit up but how much is to much?  when is it considered throwing up?  I ask because all of the sudden since last wed night much of her formula is coming back up but people keep asking me is it spit up or throwing up? Her formula got switched from similac advanced to enfamil nut and it is still occurring.

Re: throwing up vrs spitting up?

  • I read that if it is projectile, meaning it shoots out with force, then it's vomit.
  • Hmmm good question.  A few days ago DD had a really stuffy nose....this caused her to throw up her formula.  I say throw up because about 2 minutes after she was done eating, a sh!tload of formula came up....of course I don't know the exact amount but it was at least 1/2 of her 3oz. bottle.  She did this for 2 feedings in a row, until her nose was cleared (think the boogers had something to do with it, hard to breathe...hard to eat!)  When she spits up, it's just a small amount, maybe a mouthful at the most, and it's usually 5-20 minutes after she eats....not right away like it was when 1/2 the bottle came up.  Hope that makes sense?! :)
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  • Hmm, I know it can be hard to tell. I consider spitting up to be when the formula comes back up, and it's the exact same consistency - maybe a little more watery from the addition of saliva. When it comes up and it's a little chunkier I call that throwing up.

    FYI when babies spit up it often looks like way more than it actually is. He might only spit up like 5 ml, but it looks like the whole feeding. To get a good visual, try pouring some formula out on a paper towel or diaper, you'll see that it looks like a ton when it isn't :) 

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  • spit up just comes out whether it's just milk or a little "cottage cheese" (b/c it mixed wtth stomach acid first)

    throwing up their body would wrench

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