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what's your beauty trick?

Re: what's your beauty trick?

  • When I have redness from a zit, I put visine on it and most of the redness disappears!
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  • Being half Jamaican and wearing sunscreen.
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  • Ooh I'm looking forward to these- I know nothing about beauty and have been thinking I'm starting to look old and tired and need to do something soon.

    I have no tricks- just wash my face with facewash at night, rinse with water in the morning, and use lotion after both. I use concealer on my undereye circles and translucent powder... sometimes if I have to give a talk or something I'll wear mascara and bronzer. And chapstick. That's about it...

  • imageAbc15379:
    Being half Jamaican and wearing sunscreen.

    You do have gorgeous skin ABC!  I'm very jealous!

  • I don't wear make up
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  • imageUrban Decay's Primer Potion, it makes eye shadow last FOREVER!  No creases, and the colors come out awesome on top of this magic in a tube!
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  • imageFlipFlopChick:
    fess up and help a girl out! 

    Hear, hear! I'm looking forward to the responses. I am useless... somehow missed that female gene!

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  • ...and MOISTURIZE!  day and night, and always wash your face before bed...no matter how drunk you are Wink
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  • imageimaPrincess:
    imageUrban Decay's Primer Potion, it makes eye shadow last FOREVER!  No creases, and the colors come out awesome on top of this magic in a tube!

    Oh I use it too...great stuff!

  • I don't wear much makeup, but I always moisturize so my skin isn't too dry. I also like to curl my eyelashes. I warm up the eyelash curler first with my hairdryer. That and some Bonne Bell lip gloss and I'm pretty much ready to go!
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  • This is my new favorite.  I have bad dark circles under my eyes and this covers it so well!  It's by Make UP For Ever.


  • I use the almay trio eye shadows. 

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    Wash my face every morning and night, and moisturize!  I also just got revitalift eye cream that I love.  It really helps with under eye darkness. 

    Also my new biggest fave is to use loose powder over my foundation to give a natural look... I never did before and maybe everybody already does this?

  • I don't have much to offer here, unless it's a special occasion I don't usually wear make-up.  I've ALWAYS has really bad acne (I was on medication for it for years as a teenager) and ever since stopping bcp it's gotten worse.  This is probably a question for Mandee but while we're discussing beauty tricks, anyone have any safe suggestions for clear skin while ttc?
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  • ooo I like this one.. let's see...

    if you have a special occasion and you really want your eye shadow to stay use an eye primer and then concealer over it and then your eye shadow.  It won't go anywhere!  

    if you want lipstick to stay on longer use a lip primer and then line your lips and fill them in with lipliner then put lipstick over.  Because liner is matte your lipstick will stick to it. 

    use your ring finer when applying eye cream.  the skin around your eyes is very delicate and your ring finger has the softest pad and is your weakest finger so it puts the least amount of pressure.

    i think that's all i can think of for now.

  • i loooooved bare minerals powder for face, but prescriptives just came out with the mineral foundation and i think its even better  
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  • My holy grail mascara is DiorShow Backstage in black. It makes my lashes longer and fuller. I also love NARS albatross highlighting powder on my nose, cheekbones, and browbones when I want a subtle glow....
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  • I have many...First being Botox. hahah

    Second is a great undereye cream called Elastiderm by Obagi

    Third is a kickass antioxidant with Spf 15 for daily use called Revale

    Fourth is my night cream called Kinerase Ultra Hydrating Cream

    Fifth is my make up. I dont wear make up everyday but when I do I wear GloMinerals, it looks and feels like you do not have any one, they match identical to your skin color.  It makes your skin complexion look flawless.


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