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Anyone know much about DirectBuy?

DH and I attended their "Open House" today. All I can say is W-O-W... great opportunity to save lots of $$$! Anyone have objective opinions about it? I know it's a lot of $ for their membership fee but does anyone think it's worth it? We obviously didn't join today, but we're curious. TIA!

Re: Anyone know much about DirectBuy?

  • I've only seen the adds. Are you doing serious remodeling?

    Anyone you know thinking about it too?

    Some friends of ours split a cosco membership. They do their shopping together, and divy up the bill afterwards. ?

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  • Uh... not even CLOSE to what a Costco membership costs. I belong to Costco as well. No, they wanted $5,800+ TODAY via Visa/MC or, for your convenience, you can also pay in CASH lmao!!!! Like I said, you can save tons, enough to pay for your membership, but my gosh, that's a lot of $$ upfront.
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  • hot damn! 5,800!?

    dude, I don't even have words for that...

    pay in cash for convenience, that is priceless...

    in bills smaller than 20? lmao!?

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  • Uh, that would be smokin' hot damn, lady! If you have $5,800 cash in hand, I think robbers should stand outside of the DirectBuy's and make their living that way. LOL!
  • Our bff signed up for it like 2 years ago (I think you have to be in a contract for so many years). Yup the sign up fee is RIDICULOUS!!!!!! And I even believe they have to pay a yearly fee (I was thinking $500 or something, but could be wrong).

    And I think they are regretting it, they actually are in the process of building a home (well my dh and our guy bff are building it on their own) and he thought he would have gone through everything with direct buy but that isn't the case. They do alot of pricing and usually DB is NOT the cheapest route to go and when they have ordered from DB things seem to be on back order a lot.

    I would NEVER sign up for it, asking for 5800 to be in there "club", is fricken outrageous! NO WAY have our friends saved that amount from buying from them (and remember they are building a house and buying ALL new, appliances, furniture, fixtures, etc) to make up for that 5800!

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  • I didn't think it was good for us.  We ended up buying a home that didn't need and remodeling/ repair.  We can do all the upgrades we want to do for much about $5000.  PLUS we went to their stupid open house and now they call me ALL the time!
  • My grandfather looked into it last year when he built an addition. He went to the open house and now they call him CONSTANTLY. He decided that he'd have to be building and furnishing more than just one house to ever make it worth it. He renewed his Sam's membership instead, and just shopped around for the best deals elsewhere. And he would have shopped around anyways - who just shops at one store?
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