Tell me about your play room

What floor is it on? Is it a functional room for anything other than kids' play or is it just full of toys? Does it get used as much as you expected?

We have a finished basement, so someday that will be the play room. DS is too young to be down there by himself right now, so we have toys scattered throughout most of our first floor. Our house isn't extremely formal or anything, so it doesn't bother me too much, but it will be nice to have them more contained.

Re: Tell me about your play room

  • It's supposed to be on our first floor (it's a raised house) but DS is too young also.  So it's in every room upstairs.  Though DH just ordered a built in for our sunroom.  I think he's trying to turn that into a play area for DS.  We just need to get a sofa for that room and a small table for us to eat at and we'll be all set.
  • We use our "formal living/dining room" as a playroom.  It has our old couch and recliner in it, and then bookcases and an armoire along one wall with those canvas storage bins for her toys.  The rest of the space is taken up by her play kitchen, doll strollers, ride-on toys, and then we'll put the baby swing and bouncy seat in the corner when #2 comes.  It's nice because DH and/or I can hang out in there comfortably while DD plays, and when we have company over, it's an extra seating area.  We're not very "formal" people and just eat at the kitchen table, so it works for us!
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  • Well, when we first got married we had a "bar room" that we had people over and would play poker, etc but now that room is no longer a bar as we tore the bar down and she has a room on the 1st floor of our house that is ALL toys, play tent, big play kitchen, table and chairs, bookstand, etc.  She is in it all day long and at the end of the day it literally takes me an hour to clean up the toy room to organize it for the next days adventures.  But this way toys are not all over the house and are just in her toy room.
  • Ours is in our media room turned playroom.  Basically, we never used the media room so MS's toys sort of took over.  It's a big room upstairs that could be used as a bedroom...has a bathroom in it.  We have a couch and big t.v. on a PB console along with a desk in a separate section.  MS's train table, table and chair set and ALLLL of his toys are up there.  His room is right across the hall so it works to have all of his toys in the playroom vs. in his bedroom.  
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  • DD has a playroom on the 2nd floor, her bedroom & ours are on the 1st floor. ?We just finished it & it has been used a lot. ?We have most of her toys & then a tv in the room for us b/c one of us always is up there with her, we are currently trying to make the room across from it an office/spare room so we can be in there while she's playing. ?She still has lots of toys in her room but once #2 is here at the end of May all her toys will be upstairs.


  • We have a little extra room right off our living room (maybe it is a sun room?) and we keep all the toys in there. It's great b/c we can be in the living/dining area and still see her in the playroom.
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  • Ours is on the first floor off of the kitchen, which is my favorite thing about our house.  It's only a playroom and we use it every day.
  • Our playroom is also a guest room for my mom when she sleeps over.

    It's on the first floor, it's one of two bedrooms on the first floor which are not used as bedrooms (the other one is an office). We put our huge ass new tv in there too, so we use it as a family room too.

    kids have most of their toys in there, book shelves, there is a very comfy couch, a train table & table and chairs. It's our fav. room in the house.?

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