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Recommend your OPK's

What brand do you use?

Re: Recommend your OPK's

  • I use 2 brands.  I start out using Answer OPKs bc it's $20 for 20 (I get them at Rite Aid).  When I think it looks like a positive, I confirm with a digital, the kind with the smiley face.  They're sooooooo expensive so I try to stretch them out as long as I can.

    Both work great for me!


  • early pregnancy
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  • Last time I used a CBEFM and it was awesome.  I was in a miscarriage research study so they gave it to me to use for free.  My dh wants to buy me one as soon as we are going to ttc again but I think we will do the smiley face ones this time.  The 20 day ones worked great for us too.  I got pregnant the 2nd month trying 3 different times now. 
  • Well, my suggestion is NOT to use  I got a whole bunch because they were so cheap, and I haven't had any luck.  I've had a few that don't even show any lines!!  I also had one that floated a piece of plastic over the view window after I used it.  Yes they were cheaper, but not worth saving the money.  It was hard to tell if I got a + too.  I had a CBEFM, and I loved that thing!  Unfortunately, I sold it on eBay once I got pg.  I thought we were done and didn't think I needed it anymore.  Stupid m/c!  I am thinking about getting another one.

    Baby #1: 19 cycles, failed IUI, and 1 + IVF 3-5-07
    Baby #2: 12 cycles, 1 failed FET, natural miracle but m/c at 9 weeks then another natural miracle that stuck! 9-30-09

    TTC #3 - 4 cycles - no BFP yet!
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