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Art for the nursery walls.. any ideas?

i'm looking for some cute art to hang on the walls... something to go with my Circles by Dwellstudios bedding. Any ideas?

I dont really like Disney / Winnie the Pooh type stuff, although I do like oldie stuff like Curious George or Jip & Janneke..or I dont know, some antiquish characters...

Thank you! :-)

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Re: Art for the nursery walls.. any ideas?

  • I love framed pictures from children's books.  We used the Eloise books by Kay Thompson (which is a vintage classic, BTW.), b/c that is who she will be named after.  I put it together today and it looks amazing!  I got four large framed pictures w/ 2-tone matting for under $100.  I probably could have done it cheaper if I weren't too tired to shop around.
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  • I second the picture-book art. Buying used children's books and cutting out the pictures then matting is a great way to go. Even creating some of your own graphic art on the PC and printing onto high quality paper then framing could work. GL!
  • I took a really big White frame (from goodwill) it had a really ugly painting in it but I threw that away and bought a piece of canvas and painted it green and then strung clothes pins through some twine and stapled it all to the back of the frame so when you're looking at it you see five rows of clothes pins each having 5 pins and the green canvas background. Then I bought some old vintage alphabet flash cards and hung them up by the clothes pins. I figure it can pull double duty when Audrey starts to color and make are she can display it there. I also bought a wooden box plate holder (extremely?similar?to the style they sell at potterybarn kids to hold books) and I made my own book holder for $5. Good Luck
  • If you're not very artistic, you should check out Etsy - I found great stuff there!
  • If you are artistic maybe try painting circles or coordinating images on the wall yourself? Circles are hard but you could use bowls or something as a template...

     I took 8x8 canvases and different font style letters ( and painted them to coordinate with my JJ Cole Bullseye Bedding and put my DS name over the crib. I love it because it looks completely different than your typical name over the crib!




  • I love the website It is all hand made stuff. I am sure that you could find someone to make you something that matches.
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