Oh...mah....gah....this fecking TV is HUGE

Jesus H. Christ. I'm not sure I'll be able to watch anything on it. The size of the 42-inch screen is utterly frightening.

In less obnoxious news, DH and I managed to have a very productive and civilized discussion about the whole thing. I think I have scared him into submission for the remainder of our marriage. ;)

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Re: Oh...mah....gah....this fecking TV is HUGE

  • Our tv is 42 or 47 or something like that. You'll get used to it :-) But I can't watch ours in the dark. I get sick like I'm at an imax. Totally weird. But I'm fine if even one lamp is on. And I'm glad he has seen the error of his ways!
  • yeah, we have a freaking 60 inch projection tv in our livingroom.  It takes up a whole corner and took awhile to get use to.  My dh bought ours 3 years ago for the superbowl also;)
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  • H bought his big, stupid tv before we even had living room furniture in our old house.  We crammed onto an old (ghetto-fabulous) loveseat to watch tv.  He is forbidden from putting that tv in our bedroom in the new house because I think it's butt ugly.
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  • glad it worked out.

    we have a 50 and 46 inch...i thought god these are huge...oprah is life size...but fil has a 65 inch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  its like a gdarn movie theater. little bill is bigger than noel!

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  • DH had a 50" put in a couple of months ago.  I can't remember the occasion.  You'll learn to love it =)
  • Our tv in our bedroom is about that size. It is blinding in the middle of the night. Our tv in our living room is a 50 or 51". I wanted the 55", but DH thought it would be too big. He regrets that now. You will get used to it soon enough and it won't seem big at all.
  • 42 is what our main tv is.  It's mounted on the wall.  I've grown to love it, in all honesty, although, it pissed me off to no end in the early days...

    We have a slightly smaller one in our playroom, also mounted on the wall, and I actually prefer the bigger one.  But, that might be the Plasma vs. LCD thing...


    I have no clue.  I just work here.

  • Wow this is a crazy thread. Our biggest TV is 32 inches. We are not big TV people though...

    DH loves sports..all he wacthes is ESPN but he's never mentioned getting some huge *** TV's like you all are talking about.

  • I agree with PP that a big TV takes some getting used to, but now I love ours. And the HD, love that too...
  • Ours is 52 and I still tell MH how obscenely large it is, although I have gotten used to it.

    Glad you scared him into submission. :)

  • You are going to love it! We recently bought a 46 inch TV and put it... ready? ? in the playroom :) ? well, it's our hang out place too after kids are sleeping.

    We have not decided if we're hanging it up on the wall or just leaving it on the stand like that... or if we are even leaving it in that room. I have a feeling it may not be safe and sound there once J starts crawling/walking and when Ethan has his friends over..... ? someone is bound to throw something at that tv... ?so it may be moving to our living room.?

  • you will be used to it within a day.  ours is 52 and I can't watch any other TV.  the HD freaks me out on some shows though.  the nasty skin is too much!

  • You'll get used to it. It is great to watch sports, movies... Some people do look scarey in HD, get ready for that! lol 
  • I think that's what size ours is. I was utterly horrified when DH first put it up, but I have gotten used to it now.
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  • We just got a 52" with HD. We like laughing at the size of celeb's pores and their caked on make-up. Wink
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