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First Night In Crib

I am nervous to see how it will go, but tonight I am putting Logan in the crib. He normally sleeps in his swing.  I hope it works.


Oh I just got valour crib sheets from BRU.  They are super soft.  I hope he likes them.

Re: First Night In Crib

  • Good luck :)  We just replicated how she slept in her PnP in our room - swaddled her and put on white noise, and she hasn't given us a problem ever (she has been in it since she was 2 months old to the day).  We've since eliminated the white noise, and hopefully can eliminate the swaddle soon too!
  • We're trying this tonight for the first time. Good luck!

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  • We're trying this in 2 weeks (DH's work holiday party is next weekend - not a good time to try something new).  I was thinking about buying those soft sheets from BRU.  Let me know how your LO likes them.

  • GL!  We will be doing that soon, too.  And I'm very nervous about it.

  • We moved DS to the crib at 7 weeks and I was so nervous, but he slept better than ever in there....I remember waking up at like 2:00 and I couldn't believe he was still sleeping.  Hope it goes well for you, too!  Good luck!
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