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Just saw your post from yesterday, so I'd thought I'd add my $.02. My son is on Neocate and it's super expensive. Our insurance doesn't cover it, so we get ours on Ebay and Craigslist. A lot of people have insurance that does cover it, so they automatically get sent cases of it. When their LO grow out of it or move up to the toddler formula, they sell their leftover cans. We have never come across anything sketchy - all cans have been sealed and legit. We now have enough formula to get him through the next few months, which is really nice because you can't just run out to the grocery store to get this stuff - you have to order it. So instead of paying $40 out-of-pocket for a can that lasts 3 days tops, we spend about $20/can, which is still rough, but better than the alternative. I hope your LO doesn't need it, but if he/she does, just know that it really is a miracle formula. We had the same situation - Nutramigen for the allergy, and then there was blood in the stool again, so we were put on this. It took a week to adjust, but now he is such a happier baby, and he even STTN every once in a while! GL!

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  • Thank you so much for the info.  I have looked into my prescription plan policy online and can't find any info, so I think I'll call Aetna tomorrow to find out.  They are going to test his stools again next week and then let us know.  I hope the blood goes away!  Thanks again and GL!
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