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Anyone watch Mystery Diagnosis???

I watch this show, TIVO it actually, so the episodes kinda build up.  So sometimes I watch more then 1 at a time....I swear after watching a few (2 stories per episode) I get sooooo INFURIATED!!  Esp. the ones with kids!!

Does anyone feel this way??  I admit Ive never been in the situation with a child where I felt something was wrong and everyone said I was nuts or that DC was fine....HOWEVER some of these parents...they go like 8 years without a diagnosis!  I just cant imgaine what that would be like OR watching my kid suffer so long before I figured out what was wrong. 

I just feel like if it was me I would freaking sleep on the hospital floor, LOL.....I WOULD NOT LEAVE UNTIL I HAD ANSWERS!!  WDYT??

Re: Anyone watch Mystery Diagnosis???

  • As a teacher I get so frustrated with parents.  When your child is in pain or discomfort, you do what you can to help them.  I have seen kids stay sick all winter and then parents wonder why they're so ornery.  HELOO
  • Seriously!!  These parents take their kid to the doc, doc finds nothing, they go home!  Symptoms com eback, they go back to doc...this happens over and over, sometimes thru a period of YEARS!  Until they finally find a doc with a clue and then they know but the kids been suffering the whole time, I just dont understand.


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