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What is up with the fussiness?

DS is generally a fussy baby. I went to a baby shower 2 hours away with my In-Laws. I was super nervous about how DS would behave. He was SOOO good in the car (both ways) and was the happiest baby I've ever seen all day. Never cried or fussed, smiley all day... so good.

As soon as we got home the fussiness started... what's up? Does he hate our house? Any ideas? I wish he was always like he was today...?

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Re: What is up with the fussiness?

  • Mine always got fussier as evening approached starting around that age.  His witching hour was 6pm (and also 3am), so even if he was a quiet mouse all day, he was a cranky-butt in the evening.  Thank god that's over!

    Plus he sometimes got distracted from being fussy when there were a lot of people holding him and paying him attention.  Thanksgiving was that way.... I was so nervous, but he handled it like a champ.

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