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Anyone use them.. what size did you get and do you like them?
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Re: robeez?

  • I have one pair of 0-6 months that DS wears now (he's 2.5 months).  I put them over a pair of thin socks and they stay on perfectly. 

    I also have 2 pairs in 6-12 months for when he's crawling and beginning to walk.  I'm sure I'll buy more when he gets to this phase; I just don't want to buy them too early. 

  • I haven't used them on my little guy yet! But my daughter has 4 pairs!  We love them!

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  • She has a pair of 0-6 that I put on her occasionally to help keep her socks on. 
  • DD has 2 pairs of Robeez in 0-6 and can wear them with a bit room to grow  She also has a couple of pairs of Pediped which are SUPER cute as well.  Those are 0-6 also.
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  • i got size 6-12 months. i think they're cute as crib shoes. ds hasn't wore them yet because its still a little big length wise. once he fits into them, i'll put them on him when he's in the jumperoo or his excersaucer but i have heard that they should get used to walking bare foot, so i won't let him wear them when he tries to walk.
  • I used them daily with my DD when she was learning to walk, especially at daycare.  Target makes a great knock-off brand that are MUCH cheaper and last just as well as the real ones.
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  • We use the knock off brand from Target (Ministarz) and not only are they cheaper ($12.99 compared to $29.99) but they are pretty much exactly the same. DD wears them every day - still in 0-6 months.
  • I have 2 pair of 0-6 that she wears occasionally with socks.  I'll likely get a pair or 2 of 6-12 when that time comes also.
  • I have 2 pairs of 0-6 month Robeez and I LOVE them! They're so cute:O) We've had them since Em was brand new and they still fit her very well. She's 5 1/2 months old.
  • We got a pair for each baby as a gift but they are still too big to wear, but I can't wait till they fit!!
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