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I know you were contemplating stocking up on Nana's Bottoms, so I wanted to make sure you saw this from her website:

I am swamped with orders right now! The 25% off sale will go thru Sunday 2-1. I need to catch up on orders before I take any more.?

I really want to order some for the future, but do you really think she's going to have to close since they've delayed the testing for a year??

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  • Oh yikes! I'm torn too...I'm hoping she won't close with the delay in testing requirements, and I'm hoping that a year from now the law will be changed so that shops like hers are exempt anyway. It's hard to pass up 25% off though! Especially since Maddie will probably outgrow her smalls in another month or two.

    I'll have to talk to DH, but I might go ahead and order one 3 pack of mediums tomorrow. Even if she ends up staying open, I'll get 25% off so it's not that bad!

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  • I know - 25% off is a great deal! I'm debating as well. J will be in his mediums for a while (we still have it on the tightest snap setting), but I'm wondering if he'll move up to M/L or straight to L? I think I'm going to just hold off (DH will KILL me if I buy any more diapers!)
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