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Plans for SuperBowl Sunday?

What are everyones plans for tomorrow?


We are having DH's best friend and his family over.  Nothing major for us.  I hate football and can't wait for it to just be over!

Re: Plans for SuperBowl Sunday?

  • We're having my BFF's family over.  They'll entertain me until the commercials.  I don't watch football on TV.  At least if you go to a game you can ppl watch. 
  • We are supposed to go to a party tomorrow. I'm sick so it may just be Ben while I stay home. I may bring in our sitter so I can nap for the afternoon.
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  • I made 6 qts of chili and we are having dh's bff and my bf from high school that I only sort of like now over and perhaps some friends from down the street with their kids.?
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