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Do you let baby sleep as long as s/he wants at night?

Even if baby goes for hours longer between feedings?

DD has been sleeping for 8,9,10 hour stretches at night (between feedings), and we don't know if we should wake her to eat or just let her wake up on her own. I'll call pedi on Monday to see what she says, but I was just curious. I know the pedi has said to let baby sleep as long as she wants at night, but now the hours are getting longer.

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Re: Do you let baby sleep as long as s/he wants at night?

  • Let her sleep!  Mine still won't do that.  Super Angry

    If she is gaining weight you are just fine!

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  • as long as dc is putting on weight, let her sleep as long as she wants. she'll wake when she's hungry.
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  • I wish she would go for 8 hours at night!  Let her sleep!!  Our pedi told us to wake her during the day and let her sleep at night.  Enjoy getting some rest!
  • i let my baby sleep as long as she wants! At that age, it was so rare for her to sleep for more than four hours, so if she decided she wanted to sleep longer, I was thrilled! Now she sleeps through the night most nights :)
  • I say let her sleep if there's no concerns with her gaining weight and etc.  I wish DS slept for more than 7 hours!
  • I agree, let DC sleep.  My DD does the same thing, and her pedi told me it's fine.
  • I think by 2 months you are fine letting them go that long. My DS has been sleeping 6-9 hour stretches since 5 weeks old and I am thrilled. He eats like a piggy during the day though.
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  • I had the same concern.  Right at 2 months dd started going 8-10 hours (sometimes more!) at night and I was so worried about her not eating for all that time.  I called and the pedi said not to worry, at that age they're fine going that long without eating.  Enjoy it!
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  • Our pedi said we could stop waking her after she showed she was gaining weight at 6 days old. You should call and check, but I think you are fine letting her sleep.  

  • You B!tch... I'm so jealous. Wink
  • As long as she is growing / gaining weight at a normal rate, there's nothing wrong with letting her sleep.

    DD has been STTN since 6 wks old. Started out at 6-8 hours, now goes 8-10 hours.
  • Reading this post made me feel even more bone tired.  Wanna trade for a night?!

    "When it comes to sleeping, whatever your baby does is normal. If one thing has damaged parents enjoyment of their babies, it's rigid expectations about how and when the baby should sleep." ~ James McKenna, Ph.D., Mother Baby Behavioral Sleep Center, University of Notre Dame

  • Be grateful! She'll wake up if she's hungry.
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  • You better believe it!!!

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