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should I be more concerned?

DS has been very "off" this week.  I don't know if it's teething related (his first molar just broke through, and all others are right behind) or if he's truly got something wrong with his tummy.

His stomach is abnormally distended, even without eating.  He barely eats right now. I'm lucky to get a few bites of something like applesauce in him per day.  Two nights this week, he has had some small things for dinner, but ended up projectile vomiting twice.  Even without eating, his stomach is distended and hard as if he had a huge dinner.  It was still distended after vomiting.

Then, he's had four or five blow out diapers.  He has NEVER, EVER had anything close to a blowout, even as a newborn.  It's bright yellow, runny but not really diarrhea , and foul smelling.   I don't understand how he has stuff to poop out when he barely eats much during the day.  Even after having a blowout, he still has a distended tummy.

So... teething related?  A stomach bug?  He is still drinking plenty of milk, and hasn't had a fever or anything.  After the vomiting incidents, he seemed ok.  He's been waking up at 5 every day and is generally tired most of the day.

I did come in contact with someone who was exposed to norovirus (one of the girls I am friends with in my program is at a rehab facility for her placement) but she did not have the virus. She had only been in the facility that had some outbreaks. I did not directly touch her or anything, but I was near her.

ugh.  My mom made me feel bad about not being as concerned since his stomach is still so distended even when he doesn't eat. 


ETA: sorry it's so long! 

Re: should I be more concerned?

  • The blowouts could be teething related.  I'm not sure about the distended stomach though.  I would probably call your pedi's office and talk to a nurse and see what they say. 
  • I'd call the pedi because of the distended stomach. I have no idea what could be causing it, but that seems the most worrisome part.

    Poor little guy :(

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  • Ditto.  I would not make an apt without talking to a nurse. 

    Being tired all day is a red flag to me. 

    Sorry he's feeling lousy. 

  • I guess I should have clarified the tired part.  He's tired mainly because he's getting up at 5am and not napping well.   Right after the vomit incident, he was happy as could be, wandering around babbling away.  So not like lethargic tired... just tired/sleepy related to lack of sleep.  I know that's due to teething.

     I will try to call his pedi, but since it's a clinic (military bleh) we rarely are able to talk to a nurse or dr.  We don't even cal the office to make appointments, we call a general number everyone calls for the entire area.

  • Oooh.  good about not being lethargic.

    Sorry you're not able to talk to a nurse easily...maybe go ahead and take him in.

  • I would call your pedi tonight. They will either put your mind at ease or they will tell you to take your son to the ER. Good luck. Tell us what happens.
  • I didn't read your follow up about the military. I would call the emergency line or take him into the after hours. Or I would call triage at the ER off base and see what they say.
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