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How fast do you send out Thank You's?

I have been so busy and only have time to do one or two cards at a time, but I do have a couple of gifts that I received close to a month ago that I have yet to mail cards for. I am printing off family pics on Monday to send in them so I will have them out by then, but I feel horrible about how long I have taken to send them!

Re: How fast do you send out Thank You's?

  • I try and send them no more than a month - though my norm is within a few days.  I like to get them off my to do list!  At this point - just wait until Monday.  No mail until then anyway!
  • Don't feel bad - I've sent them out in chunks.

    I got appendicitis and had emergency surgery at 3 weeks, so that put things off in the thank you card department for a while LOL

    And then, I got lots of get-well gifts after that, so add those to the list of thank yous!

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  • Within a couple days.  I'd rather bite the bullet and just be done with them ASAP.
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  • Within a week... but I like to get them done and out of the way ASAP!
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  • Wow I feel awful!  I just sent out my last batch from the presents that I received right after DS was born! lol

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  • Within a week!  I just finished making and writting the last of the Thank You's today!  Then we got more in the mail and have visitors coming tomorrow so I imagine it will be never ending for awhile!

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  • Normally I send them out right away. But after DD was born, there was so much going on that some took a month to get out. I like to try to do it right away though so that my emotions on recieving the gift are fresh and it helps me wright a better TY note (does that make sense). Also, after a month, sometimes I forgot which outfit / gift each person gave...
  • Whoops! It took me almost 4 months to send out my thank you's....DS wouldn't sleep for more than 5 minutes when he was a NB and when he finally feel asleep for the night, I was so exhausted I would sleep too.

    I didn't get a chance to do them until I went to visit my parents and someone else could keep an eye on him! ?I think better late than never, but obviously the earlier the better!?


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  • I try to send them out as soon as possible to get them off my mind. Although it was really tough with her shower gifts because I had so many,?
    (my husbands family is huge!!!) So I got more prepared for christmas and I made a generic post card with a collage of her pictures on the front and a letter on the back that thanked all of "Santa's helpers". It worked out great, because then I just put a stamp on them and out they went and everyone thought they were so cute. I'm not sure I'll always do christmas thank-you cards but this being her first christmas I knew she was going to be totally spoiled, again his family is so big!!?
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