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Hey there!!! My OB told me to wait one that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna start temping when I stop bleeding. I'm hoping the next month flies by!!! When can you start trying again?


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  • Hi,

    My OB doesn't usually dictate such things especially since I am just letting things happen naturally but she may.  Last time she didn't but she may have something different to say this time.  If I had a D&C I think it would be different though. So hopefully I will be able to pass everything naturally.  It is very different than my first m/c so I guess we will see how it progresses.  I started spotting on Thursday evening and so far it has gotten progressively heavier, so that is very promising.  I should be about 8 weeks and most of the literature said that is usually when you miscarry with a BO as it is around the time I would have expected my period (I have very long cycles).  

    I guess we will just wait and see how I feel about everything.  I may not be psychologically ready to TTC for a few months or so.  Like I said I didn't ovulate post m/c last time so I figure that the same thing will happen until my body is ready. 

    I don't chart though but I have learned alot from reading TCOYF and recently I noticed that my boobs get sore around ovulation time so that is a pretty cool indicator for me since I don't get EWCM (TMI I know but for some reason I just felt I needed to share Whisper  That never happened before but it happened both cycles after my IUD removal.

    I am just surrendering control over to God. There is such a God story behind the conception of Ethan (in my bio if you want to take a look) and I am 100% confident that He will turn this into something wonderful.  I have already made such powerful connections with you ladies so that has been one amazing blessing from all of this!  I had never heard of a "blighted ovum" before but it is amazingly common and I know that God allows me to endure painful trials so that I can offer the same comfort to others that He has offered to me.  I will continue to move forward and focus on the promises of God "But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently" Romans 8:25. 

    Good night and keep me updated!!!  




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