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Newborn Sized Clothes

Did any of you use clothes that were size newborn? I have only 0-3 months sized clothes.  I was wondering if I should get a few sleepers in newborn or if the 0-3 months would be OK.  TIA

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Re: Newborn Sized Clothes

  • Definitely! We still are not yet into newborn sizes yet, I am sure it will be months before we get into 0-3 months. You never know how big or small your LO will be.
  • DD is just now starting to grow into 0-3, and still wears Carter's NB.  She's a peanut though.  Get a pack of NB sleepers to have on hand, and then see how big your baby is.
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  • My DD was in NB size until she was about 2 months old.  She's a little shorty, so 0-3 was too long for her until then, though the tops were starting to get a little snug.  She was 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 inches when born.  I might get a few but not too many until you know how big or small your LO will be.  Different babies grow at different rates, so yours might shoot out of NB before you know it. 
  • my dd can still fit into newborn clothes at 6 weeks old.

    i would buy a few onesies/sleeper on clearance at target just to get you

    throuh the 1st month.   


  • my dd was in newborn for 3 weeks only. not sure if she is long- she was 22.5 inches at her month appt. she is too long for the sleepers- not too heavy. she weighed 7 lbs 6 ounces at birth.
  • My baby was 7 lb. 6 oz, too, when he was born and I only had one newborn outfit, his coming home outfit. I put him in 0-3 month clothes right away. They were a little big, but he basically was in undershirts and swaddled or in sleepers so it wasn't a big deal. He grew super fast and already outgrew 0-3 clothes by nearly 2 mo. So I'm really glad we didn't waste money on newborn clothes. They would have lasted him two weeks.

    It's hard to say because they're all different I would get a few and see what you end up needing. You or your husband can always go to the store if you need more, rather than wasting money if you don't need them.

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  • Kiddo outgrew Carter's newborn lengthwise by week 3.  Other brands of 0-3 are getting short as well.  Even so I liked having some nb size sleepers for the first weeks.
  • DD weighed 7 lb 13 oz and was 21 inches and we didnt have any newborn sizes. The 0-3 were a little big at first, but it's not like she minded. If you want an actual outfit for them to wear maybe buy one in newborn as we found the 0-3 outfits were much bigger then the 0-3 sleepers (but we kept her mostly in sleepers anyway)
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  • I would definitely have some on hand.  I didn't think we would need them, but DS was 5 lb., 15 oz. when he was born so they came in handy for sure.
  • I wish I had more newborn clothes! I only bought a few things and she is still swimming in the newborn sizes.
  • DD is still in newborn sizes, she was 7lbs. 4oz. 20.5 inches.  Here is my view on newborn sizes....


    Carters = great clothing, pretty much true to size.  She's still in Carters, they are a bit big length wise, but great fitting everywhere else. 

    Target brand (Circo I think?) = their newborn sizes are huge!!!  DD swims in them....onesies and pants!  They are more like 0-3 month, even though they are marked NB.

    I can see DD growing, but she's filling out....not really growing length wise.  We would have been lost if we didn't have newborn sizes!  So yes, get a few things!  We have 4 sleepers and bought about 6 Carters pants and a couple packs of Carters onesies to match the pants, and that's all we need, works great!  GL!

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  • Yes! We thought we wouldn't need many since DS was estimated to be pretty big. He was 8.4 so we had to go out and get more when he was a couple days old. I think he probably only stayed in them for a little under a month, but we still needed them.
  • DD was in newborn clothes until this week - that 6 week spurt had her out of nb and into 0-3.
  • Maybe get a few newborn...we weren't sure if we'd need NB either, but the 0-3 months were swimming on her. Worst case, don't wash or take tags off and save receipts...and you can exchange if it turns out you don't need them.
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  • My DD is already wearing 0-3 month.  We had a couple NB outfits, but she couldn't stretch her legs out in them. 
  • Yes! We had to go out a few days after she was born to get some clothes that fit. She had SOOO many clothes but all were 0-3 and bigger. It took her a couple of months before she fit into the 0-3 months. She was less than 7lbs when she was born.
  • Haven't read the responses yet, but I would pick up a few newborn sized sleepers to have on hand. My baby was 6 pounds and wore newborn size until he was 5 weeks old, so yes I used NB size a lot. But there are some babies who don't so to some extent you could wait and see. Skip cute outfits because when they are small its easier to have them in sleepers.
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  • I bought only 0-3 months and ended up with a 5 1/2 lbs baby. Most of the clothes are from Carter's and they are baggy, but not terribly so. I did breakdown and buy a newborn sleeper from the Gap this week, so DS would have something a little more form fitting. DS is up to 6 1/2 lbs now, and the sleeper fits perfectly in width with no growing room for height and his feet are a little on the long side for it. If you do buy some newborn stuff, only get a couple of items. A little extra material isn't a big deal.
  • She was 7.1 and 21.5 inches at birth and just grew out of them.
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  • DD is only now moving out of her nb size clothes and into 0-3.
  • We didn't use hardly any of the newborn clothes... but DD was 8lbs 4oz when she was born. There is nothing wrong with using 0-3 months from the start... they might be a little big if you have a smaller baby but that's OK.

    If you get newborn clothes I would recommend not taking the tags off everything until you have the baby and make sure your LO will fit in the clothes. DD had a lot of clothes that she never wore but I had already taken the tags off and washed them so I couldn't return them for the appropriate size.

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  • Yes...I had to go out and buy some more NB sizes for our DD.  The 0-3 months are huge on her.  We mostly wear the long sleeve onesies (even some of the NB sleepers are too big).  She is currently 8 lbs, 19.5 in

  • Not sure how big your baby is, but mine used nb clothes for literally 1 week.  If I had it to do again, I would just do tshirts and diapers like in the hospital.
  • DS was 8lbs 6oz at birth and wore NB clothes for almost a month.  All the 0-3 stuff was too big on him (except Gerber, which runs ridiculously small).
  • It varies per brand but we are mostly still in newborn and will be for alil while. My DD was 5lbs 13oz at birth
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  • We do!  DS is so little that the NB style is too big for him.  (he was 7lbs4oz at birth, but he's long and skinny)
  • I used newborn clothes for the first 5 weeks after my daughter was born but she was only 7lb 6oz.  My friend had a 9 lb baby and she said that her son went right into the 0 - 3 size when he was born so I guess it just depends how big your baby is :)
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