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Prenatal massage

I had a prenatal massage today at Folawns Day spa and it was great!!  They prep the tables so that you can lay on your belly and your back!  The best part was being able to lay on my belly and get my back rubbed!  Oh, and it was only $75 for about 90 min. 
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Re: Prenatal massage

  • Oh! Thanks for posting this. I might ask for a prenatal massage for valentine's day since I'm going to spend the 12th-14th delivering flowers for my Aunt's flower shop out in the country. After doing that, flowers/candy are the LAST things I want from DH, so this could be awesome. :)
  • I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I am going to hint away that I want one, but since DH has some secret out of town/somewhere cold Valentine's weekend planned, I can't exactly ask!!
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  • This is my third pregnancy and every time I say I am going to get a prenatal massage and don't!  I would love one.  That is a pretty reasonable price too.  Where is that spa located?

  • Folawns is on Blanco just south of the Bitters/Blanco intersection.
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