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What would you write on this card?

Our neighbor two doors down just had a baby girl, about a week after Holly.. We've never met them, but thought we'd like to break the ice--maybe Holly could have a little playmate to grow up with! We're making them some brownies or something, and got them a congrats card... What would you write in it, to let them know who we are, and that since we just had a little one too, we have something in common--without coming across as creepy?

Since we understand well right now that an unsolicited doorbell ring is not always welcome with a new baby, we figured we'd leave it in their mailbox or on their front porch, so we won't really be delivering it in person--unless we happen to catch them when they're outside..If that's the case, we'd just introduce ourselves the old fashioned way.. but we rarely see them.


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Re: What would you write on this card?

  • If I were you ... I'd just wait until the baby (hers, not yours) is like a month - 6 weeks old, and then go over and ring their doorbell. I just think I'd much rather actually "meet" the person, then to call them for the first time to hang out b/c your card said to .... do you know what I mean? It would jsut be less awkward for them, IMO.

    I would maybe just say "We know you are super busy, we totally understand having a newborn ourselves, but just wanted to introduce ourselves and bring you over a little treat. Maybe when the weather starts warming up and the babies are a tad older we can get them together for playdates! Enjoy your brownies!"

    And in the card I might just say something along the same lines ...

  • I agree with MereD. ?. . I'd rather eat brownies from someone I've met. Go around dinnertime, when most people and babies will still be up (5-6pm). Just do a soft knock on the door just in case. If they're new to the area, they'll greatly appreciate meeting new people, even though they're tired.
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