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Where did you get your furniture?  Is there any where in the DC area that has great quality furniture but not that expensive?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • Great Beginnings.  We looked at Baby 2 Teen also, but GB's customer service was fantastic.

    I know a lot of people have been pleased with Ikea too.  I'd suggest getting the book Baby Bargains since it rates furniture and is a great resource on brands etc.

  • Great Beginnings in MD and Baby 2 Teen in VA both have great prices. 

    We got our crib from Buy Buy Baby... it was a gift from the in-laws.  Of course, that was before we knew about GB and B2T.  We probably would have gotten our crib at one of those places if we'd known, just because I think the prices are better.

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  • We got the Hermelin crib at Ikea and love it.  It doesn't have a drop-side, which really wanted, but I haven't missed it.
  • With the $50 furniture coupon we paid $250 +tax for our Bonavita (A- in Baby Bargains) Chadwick crib at BBB.  I didn't think that was too bad compared to prices I saw elsewhere. 
  • Burlington Coat Factory has a lot of great furniture for discounted prices. We got a crib there on sale for an excellent price. I suggest going to the store first to look and then going home to check reviews before purchasing anything just to make sure you are getting decent quality.

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