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Anyone watch Wife Swap last night?

Yeah, I know, I'm embarrassed that I actually watched it.  I still can't get over the San Francisco husband, though.  I have never seen anyone so amazingly disrespectful in my entire life.  I can't believe that he actually said, "The worst thing my son could ever do is tell me he wants to move to Missouri.  That's the problem with the middle of America.  Everyone is just like you--undereducated and over-opinionated."  And the way he repeatedly told her how stupid she was right in front of his kids, almost like he was showing off!  I hope his wife watches the show and is utterly embarrassed.

Re: Anyone watch Wife Swap last night?

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    I watched it.  I, too, was in shock that someone could be so condescending. 
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    I was going to post this as well.....I am not a usual watching of Wife Swap but I did catch this one. WOW I can't believe how rude he was.  The reaction at the end though looks like his wife is embarassed of him.  He probably talks to her like that as well and the kids....

     It is just very sad. He is OVEReducated for his own good.

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