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BOB strollers 20% off. . .anyone like these?

Bob strollers are 20% off at REI with free shipping to the stores. We've been debating on one of these for awhile. . .I have a friend with one and she loves it. Anyone have any experience with this brand?
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Re: BOB strollers 20% off. . .anyone like these?

  • We love our BOB!!! ?In fact we got it last year at this time b/c of the sale and b/c DH has an REI credit card that he gets rewards for. ?We ended up getting it essentially for free--from the discount and using his rewards dividend, we paid nothing out of pocket.?

    Scott seems to really enjoy being in the BOB and it gets us out exercising more, although I am looking forward to a bit warmer weather for us to be out more.



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  • love BOB. he's awesome. we take a walk just about every day. we had the infant carseat adapter attached, but now henry's big enough to sit in the stroller part upright and he loves it.

    can't say enough about BOB. we also got it when it was on sale last year. we have the revolution.

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  • My friend has a BOB and adores it.
  • The BOB is by far my favorite baby purchase. We used the infant seat adaptor for the first 6 months and now C sits in the seat. We walk or run just about everyday and she loves sitting in it (she doesn't do as well with the regular stroller). I can't say enough good things!
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