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OK - Done freaking out... :)

As you could tell, I was freaking out a little about the BF thing last night...

Ellie was losing too much weight... and my boobs felt like they were going to fall off.  But, I supplemented with some formula and talked to the pediatrician who made me feel soooo much better (he made sure to tell me that it ISNT a BF'ing failure, it's only been 3 days, etc.)

I read through some of the information from the formula company - paying close attention to the diagrams and stuff - and now I think she's latching on right - because the nipples feel WAY better.

So, I'm going to hold off on the pump, and keep topping off with formula until she's back on track weight-wise.  :)

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Re: OK - Done freaking out... :)

  • Keep up the good work!!!!!!  Jenn
  • good for you for sticking w/ it! BFing is very hard but you and Ellie will soon get the hang of it, I still recommend a visit w/ LC
  • I had a ton of issues BF.  I went in for weight checks for DD once a week for the first 4-6 weeks.  Don't panic.  Where there is a will, there's a way.  I BF for 4 months, which may not seem like a lot, but was huge for me.  Some things that help me was using a nipple shield (you can buy them at Buy Buy Baby or Babies R US).  I was only supposed to use it to get her to latch correctly, but whatever, I used it the whole time.  Pain for mom (not easy to get privacy when you are putting it on), but great otherwise.  I also had to start pumping in the hospital.  I rented a pump from the hospital.  I fed her at the breast, but then supplemented with pumped milk, so we knew exactly how much was going into her.  I ended up using pumped milk and formula depending on her needs.  I talked to a lactation consultant several times and went to a BF support group at the hospital which definately helped.  Try not to stress although it is hard to do.  I had a hard time holding back tears at the weight checks.  It felt like a test that I was failing.  Try a bunch of different things and one will eventually work and she will gain weight and you will be happy!!    
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  • Great job mamma! way to stick with it
  • I just posted in your earlier post before reading this one. Keep it up - BFing is hard at first, but gets substantially easier after you've been doing it a few weeks.
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  • Glad things are going better! It gets so much easier...Tony is now at the stage he grabs my boob and latches himself on, no help from me required anymore. its kind of funny, at least it makes DH laugh;) The first couple of weeks can be really rough, especially with latch issues. Look for some lansinoh if your nipples are sore, its like a miracle drug.
  • Good, glad you're feeling better about it!  We had a LC come to our house twice when DD #1 was a newborn and it was $$ but worth every penny IMO.  She's the only reason I stuck with BF-ing as long as I did. 

    I started to pump when DD was about 4 weeks because we wanted her to take a bottle from DH.  Worked out well - no nipple confusion, etc. - and when I went back to work at 10 weeks she was a pro at taking the bottle.

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