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CD ? - Prepping BBH

How do I need to prep my BBH? Thanks!

Re: CD ? - Prepping BBH

  • What I would do -- and others may disagree -- is wash yours once separately, then together with everything else from then on.  And this is because you got hemp. Yes  I've not washed my BBHs separately but they're all bamboo, though I washed my Crickett's once separately.  Some may say to wash them separately more than that, but I don't think that's necessary.  Washing/drying more would make them more absorbent though, and would be true prepping if you did it a few times before you ever put them on J; I just try not to do separate loads when I don't have to, or to prep if I don't have to.  Come to think of it, the only times I've ever washed separately were to prep prefolds when Kira was born and once when I got my Crickett's last year!  In fact I think you'd be OK to wash these together from the beginning, but to be safe, once separately is a good compromise, IMO. Smile
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  • You will also need to wash them several times (probably 4 times) before using them. I only washed them once and had terrible leaking issues!! So I washed them a few more times and put Ash in one this morning. She had it on almost 2.5 hours (which is when I normally change her BG 3.0) and the inner lines were barely wet! I knew she had peed a lot, but the BBH was so absorbent. Not the case before I washed them multiple times though.
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